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Welcome to our Farm! Three Moon Farm is a small 34 acre mixed use family farm located along the banks of deer creek near Williamsport, Ohio. We specialize in traditionally raised eggs, poultry and beef as well as local raw honey. We strongly believe that animals raised in a traditional farming environment (outdoors on pasture with adequate shelter, species appropriate food, no hormones and no antibiotics) make for healthier, happier animals and delicious food. We love to talk about farming and welcome any questions you have, so if you donít find the information you are looking for on our site or want to know more about how we raise our animals please donít hesitate to contact us or check out or Facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525363650844956&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fpages%2FThree-Moon-Farm%2F525363650844956&_rdr. We also welcome visitors to our farm by appointment.


After a couple years of working with our breeding flock of Bourbon Red turkeys we finally have enough to offer some for Thanksgiving! The turkeys we are offering in fall of 2015 were born on our farm and have spent their whole lives happily running around the place. Since we are focusing on turkeys that we can breed and raise ourselves we will no longer be offering the hybrid broad breasted white turkeys we had raised in past years. For those of you that are not familiar with Bourbon Reds these are a heritage breed of turkey known for their fine flavor and ability to do well on pasture. You can find out more about the breed by visiting the www.livestockconservancy.org.

All our Turkeys are raised on NON-medicated feed and have never received antibiotics of any kind. They are fed a standard turkey grower grain ration as well as all the grass, bugs, veggies and fruit they can forage for. The turkeys are truly free range and are turned out at dawn (except for the ones that sleep on top of the chicken house, they are out all the time) to roam wherever they please on our farm. We then herd the flock back into their turkey house at dusk for protection from predators.

All Turkeys are processed on our farm under Ohioís on farm processing exemption. We take care that the processing is done in a manner to case the least stress and distress to the birds. As we process each and every bird we raise yourself we can assure you that they are all processed in a humane manner. If you want to know more about the process just give us a call and we will try to answer all of your questions.

Cost: $4.00 pound

(Small birds run 12-14 pounds or $44- $56, Large Birds run 15-23 pounds or $60- $92.)

Availability: Only 9 left for fall 2015 reserve now!


New for 2015: The Thanksgiving Experience.

Ever wanted to give poultry processing a try or get bragging rights at the Thanksgiving table because YOU processed your very own bird? If so then we are happy to offer a limited number of spots for a poultry processing workshop to be held on Sunday November 22nd. We will provide all the tools, the Turkeys and the cooler to take them home in and will personally walk you through each step of the process. A light lunch will also be provided.

Spots available: 4

Cost: $150.00


We offer delicious pasture raised eggs so good you can see the difference! Our pampered hens are free to roam our entire farm from dawn till dusk each day. At dark the hens retire to their coop and fully enclosed run where they are protected from predators such as raccoons & coyotes.

Cost:     $4.00/Dozen    $2,00/ Half Dozen

Availability:  All Year

What do your chickens eat?

We provide free choice antibiotic free chicken feed, crushed oyster shells, and kelp to provide calcium and trace minerals. Plenty of calcium is essential to the health of laying hens and helps them form eggs with a nice hard egg shell.

In addition to the foods and supplements we provide, the hens spend their day roaming the farm and foraging for plenty of vegetation, bugs, and the occasional garter snake or other small animal. Surprised? Despite the plethora of ads for vegetarian fed hens, chickens are actually omnivores. This means that left to their own devices in a natural free ranging pasture based environment, Chickens will seek out a varied diet consisting of both plant and animal foods.

Why do your eggs look different?

The color of an egg shell is determined by the breed of chicken that lays it. The color of the yolk is determined by what that chicken eats with grass, clover and other green plants contributing a rich deep color.

Since our hens fee range on the farm they can eat pretty much whatever vegetation they like. This results in beautiful orange yolks in the yearly spring and summer when the plants are lush, and a deep yellow color in the late fall when the plants begin to turn brown.

There is some minor variation in the yolk colors all year because some of our hens will forage for practically all of their food while others are, shall we say, less motivated and will happily eat chicken feed and so a smaller portion of their diet consists of foraged plant foods. As you will see though, even the lightest of our yolks is darker and richer than your typical supermarket egg.

Our laying flock currently consists of a mixture of Rhode Island Red, Jersey Giant, Americana, Buckeye, Egyptian Fayoumi (my favorite), Black Copper Maran, Black Australorp, and Speckled Sussex chickens. Each of these henís eggs is slightly different in size and/or color so our eggs range from the medium sized pale blue eggs of our Americanas to the rich chocolate color of the Black Copper Marans.

Are your eggs fertile?

We do have several roosters that live with our flock of approximately 45 laying hens and the roosters do tend to get around, so it is possible that some of our eggs have been fertilized.

However, our eggs are refrigerated immediately after we gather them so the eggs are no longer viable fertile eggs and will not form a baby chick. If you are looking for fertile eggs to hatch we recommend you contact your local hatchery to see if they can provide you with eggs.


We offer grass fed pasture raised beef in the fall of each year. Our cattle are on pasture all year long and are provided hay as needed along with some grain. In the past we kept the grain to a very very small amount, however due to a perfect storm of conditions we have found that our heard develops copper deficiency if they donít get enough supplemental minerals in their diet and the most effective way we have found to do that thus far is hiding it in grain. So all cattle raised on our farm will receive regular amounts of grain/mineral mix, however the vast majority of their diet still consists of pasture and hay.

Cost: Based on market cost at time of processing.

Availability: Sold out for 2015.



We raise several groups of broiler chickens throughout spring and summer to take advantage of the better conditions (good pasture, better weather) for pasture raising birds. As of 2013 we have switched exclusively to freedom ranger chickens because we feel that they do much better on pasture than the standard hybrid chickens.  Our meat chickens are raised much like our laying hens in that they are locked up in their coop at night, but during the day we let them out to have the full run of our farm. All chickens are processed on the farm by us in a humane manner that ensures the chickens suffer as little as possible. Because we do process on the farm and are operating under Ohioís on farm processing exemption, we apologize but we cannot sell or deliver our birds to farmerís markets etc. They must be picked up directly from our farm. If you plan to buy in bulk and freeze your birds please let us know. 

Cost: $3.25/ pound whole

Availability:  August-September by special order of 10 birds or more.    



We are still new to keeping bees but the experience has been wonderful so far and we finally have some yummy raw honey for sale! We use no chemicals in our hives and our honey is not heat treated. At this time we only have 2 mature hives so our supply is limited. We will be expanding the apiary in the spring.

Cost: $6 / 8oz mason jar

Availability: Sold out



Beginning in the summer of 2016 we plan of offering a number of on-farm workshops covering topics such as building mobile chicken coops, installing fencing, picking the right farm equipment, poultry processing and many more. We will also begin offering camping/kayaking packages on deer creek. Please e-mail us and let us know if you would like to be placed on a mailing list for upcoming workshops or to be notified when camping is available.




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